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About Us

Owner: Kiana Siino

As the daughter of the designer, Saudjie Crook, I began working with the Weathertop Collection as a little girl. My first job was cutting out Labradors for quilts and jackets at 25 cents a dog. 

I was raised in the hills surrounding Carmel, CA and spent most of my time rolling around with our Labradors and manning out Weathertop Collection booth at dog shows while my mother was in the ring. I moved to the UK when I was 16 to finish school and experience living in a different country. I graduated from London's Roehampton University with a combined degree in Art History and Drama & Theatre Production and moved back to to my mother's home in Wales for a few years to begin (or should I say continue!) my work with the Weathertop Collection. I moved back to Carmel in 2012 and have reopened the US branch of the Weathertop Collection.